Ways You Can Help


Donate to the Museum Recovery

In the midst the of the destruction throughout Down East, the Museum has suffered far more damage than originally seen. The roof is in severe disrepair, there are significant leaks throughout the building, and mold and mildew has spread. The floors are buckling in certain areas and sheetrock is falling in. The good news is some areas — the library, gift shop, kitchen, and tower — all seem to be in reasonably good condition with the exception of the spreading mold and mildew.

ServPro — a commercial water damage restoration and mold remediation company — will lead the restoration and rebuilding effort. For now, we know the work ahead will require all the carpet to removed and much of the sheetrock replaced. The building will be sealed to properly dry and treat the structure. We are preparing to remove the collection in order to have the objects and artifacts cleaned, packed, and properly stored. Dehumidifiers and drying fans have already been placed in the building, the roof has been tarped to try to help prevent further damage.

In the coming days, we hope to have a more specific understanding of the extent of the damage, what the policy covers, what it doesn’t, and what additional funds will be needed. We are already researching other sources including USDA, FEMA and other state/federal disaster assistance for community institutions.

In the meantime, we are looking at how best to maintain our operation while this work is happening. We hope to have temporary office on site as soon as possible and hope to move our store operation into town.

For all of us who have walked through that building, our hearts are broken. This museum we have all invested out hearts and minds and millions of dollars into, has lots of hard work ahead. Someway, somehow, we will take this as another opportunity to show our determination, commitment and strength. It will be what it was and even more beautiful soon. This is a solemn moment in the museum’s history for sure. But we will rise again, you just wait and see.

Donate Now

Donations may be also mailed to Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center, PO Box 556, Harkers Island, NC  28531 memo: Museum Recovery


DONATE To Help Down East FAmilies Recover

We are partnering with the Carteret County Public Schools Foundation to collect contributions that provide hurricane relief for school children and families of Carteret County.

As we did during Hurricane Isabel in 2003, our shared purpose is to provide resources for families to help return to their homes as soon as possible following the devastation brought about by flood waters, wind damage and loss of family income due to the impacts of Hurricane Florence. 

100% of contributions made to this effort will be directed to families in need of economic assistance as reviewed by school personnel. Foundation and Museum coordinators Tabbie Nance and Karen Amspacher will work with classroom teachers, guidance counselors and school personnel to identify and help meet the immediate and long term needs of Carteret County families.

The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center will direct their resources to families in need throughout the Down East communities including South River and Merrimon.


Donations may be also mailed to Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center, PO Box 556, Harkers Island, NC  28531 memo: Community & Family Hurricane Relief 


Donate to Help
NC Watermen

CSWMHC is working with Locals Seafood to collect donations to benefit NC watermen impacted by hurricane Florence in Pamlico, Carteret, Onslow and Brunswick counties. Locals Seafood is raising money for fishermen & shellfish farmers who lost property, product, and income. Join them on October 27th at Junction West for Gone Fishin’, day-party benefiting NC watermen impacted by the storm. Your $75 donation gets you food, alcohol, and a Yeti rambler. For those who are unable to attend, donations may be made below. 




Skilled volunteers are needed to help clean up, repair roofs and restore damaged docks. If you or a group are interested in volunteering, please contact Karen Amspacher at the Core Sound Museum, 252.723.0982, museum@coresound.com. The museum will be working with the County, local churches, fire departments, and volunteer organizations to coordinate the volunteer efforts for Down East and will work to place skills with community needs. Please be aware that telephone service and connectivity is currently limited Down East, so a response may be delayed.