Core Sound's work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ranges from pre-school activities in natural science along the Willow Pond trail to high school level research on water quality and the effectiveness of living shoreline design practices. Ongoing projects include a wetland restoration project and hiking trail expansion on site to outreach programming at the local high school in food sciences and marine science exploration. Summer camps and teacher workshops further strengthen Core Sound's commitment to local community learning at all levels. 

School field trips are welcomed throughout the year with students visiting from all across North Carolina. Day-long learning experiences, most often in partnership with Cape Lookout National Seashore next door, can provide hands-on curriculum-based activities at the museum, along the shore, on the Willow Pond Trail or at Cape Lookout. 

Teresa Everett, Core Sound's STEM education coordinator, works with classroom teachers, summer camp leaders and homeschool parents to provide relevant and inspiring learning experiences for students and teachers in a broad range of subjects from natural science, local culture and storytelling, art activities, marine science exploration and engineering experiences related to boatbuilding and other coastal traditions. 

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Museum partners for educational program development include: 


Please visit the new STEM education brochure . To discuss your next group experience (for all ages) at Core Sound, contact our STEM Education Coordinator, Teresa Everett, 252.728.1500 Ext. 24.