Finding your way to “the end of the road” is part of the experience. Enjoy the drive along marshes and creeks, across bridges and through communities as you slow down and feel the community pride that is Down East. 


Core Sound events, programs, daily visits, field trips, reunions — all led by community volunteers — are the “people-experiences” that cause folks to return over and over. Core Sound’s welcoming atmosphere is worth the journey!


We offer hands-on demonstrations of decoy carving and quilting, touchable community exhibits, relaxing outdoor experiences and meaningful field trips. Our commitment to education is in everything we do. Come learn!

On the eve of our 25th anniversary, join us in reflecting on this place and celebrating our people. Over the course of the next year, we’ll be sharing vignettes that highlight the life and heritage of Core Sound, what binds us to this place and what attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers to Down East every year.


The Port Light online exhibtion captures the rich history of the trade, civic, and kin connections that extended across the sounds of North Carolina from the Outer Banks to mainland ports. The project shares stories of 12 boats from the heyday of North Carolina's saltwater highway. Explore Now. 

“Best in Class! 

The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum is outstanding! Well done, and well worth the trip. The location is quite, serene, and offers hours of inspiration."