Crab Pot Christmas Trees

Nicky Harvey has spent most of his life working with his hands. The hands that once pulled nets and cast lines during his time a commercial fisherman, also built crab pots that were sold across the south east and ultimately, built the Crab Pot Christmas Tree, a Down East product that has taken on a life of its own.

Over a decade ago, Nicky saw potential in the left-over material he had from building crab traps. He took that material, fashioned it into a collapsible artificial Christmas tree that now adorn yards and living rooms across the world. 

The Crab Pot Christmas Trees, still handmade right here in Core Sound, represent more than the holidays for us. They stand for the resourcefulness, creativity and hard-work bred into all Core Sounders, and they represent opportunity for economic development in our community. 

Nicky, and Don and George, new owners of Crab Pot Christmas Trees, take us inside their operation and share what’s special about the Crab Pot Christmas Trees.